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VAN LIFE | Beginning Our Van Life Journey

(Único vídeo del canal de Gabby Petito – Nomadic Statik )

Gabby Petito Case: Full Utah bodycam video

Full interview: Gabby Petito’s father speaks about daughter’s disappearance

Gabby Petito: Drone video shows area where remains were found | LiveNOW from FOX

Is this Gabby Petito’s Van caught on Youtuber’s Camera? READ DESCRIPTION (Red White & Bethune)


FBI – FBI Denver Provides Final Investigative Update on Gabrielle Petito Case

Redes Sociales

Gabby Petito

Comunicado de Prensa de la policia de North Port (Via Facebook)

Policía de North Port: Búsqueda

Reacción del padre tras la muerte de Gabby:

(Foto de Gabby con ojo rojo)

Llamada al 911: Brian abofetea a Gabby en Moab

Hallazgo del cadáver

Cuando se confirma que el cadáver es de Gabby y le piden declaraciones al abogado: “que descanse en paz”

Cámaras ocultas policía en casa de los Laundrie


Fox News – FBI: Human remains found in Wyoming likely Gabby Petito

CNN – Una cronología del caso de Gabby Petito, la joven de 22 años desaparecida

CNN – La familia de Brian Laundrie, el prometido de Gabby Petito, le dijo a la policía que no lo han visto desde el martes

CNN – La búsqueda del prometido de Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie, se centra en reserva natural de Florida

Daily Mail – Gabby Petito’s best friend claims Brian Laundrie had jealousy and control issues and even stole her ID once to stop her from going dancing at a bar and made her delete a tracking app so her pal could always locate her

CNN – Restos humanos encontrados se ajustan a descripción de Gabby Petito, pero falta confirmarlo al 100%, dice FBI

Independent – Gabby Petito’s mother says she didn’t see warning signs in Brian Laundrie relationship in new interview

Inside Edition – What We Know About the Laundrie Family Camping Trip Taken After Brian Came Home Without Gabby Petito

ABC4 – Private investigator ‘can’t rule out’ connection between Brian Laundrie, Moab double homicide

ABC4 – New details released in murder of couple near Moab

KSL – Authorities close case on murders of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner

Wahsington post – Suspect in newlywed deaths at Utah campsite died by suicide, officials say

The mercury News – Map: Where Brian Laundrie’s body was found, less than a mile from his car

New York Post – New witness to Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie fight says she was hit with ‘closed fist’

Fox News – Lead cop on Gabby Petito 911 call accused of domestic violence himself

News – Apparent human remains found after Brian Laundrie’s possessions located in Florida nature reserve

News Nation now – Brian Laundrie’s attorney: The full interview | NewsNation Prime

Fox News – Eyewitnesses say Brian Laundrie argued in Wyoming restaurant hours before Gabby Petito vanished

Deseret News – Who is Stan? Why Gabby Petito’s final text message was so odd

Deseret News – This is the final text message Gabby Petito sent to her mom

Deseret News – New details emerge in FBI search warrant for Brian Laundrie’s house

Deseret News – Gabby Petito, who stayed in Utah for weeks, has gone missing

Deseret News – Gabby Petito’s boyfriend is now missing, too

The US Sun – Brian Laundrie ‘forced Gabby Petito to say she was his fiancé’ and acted ‘strange’ at store ‘hours before she died’

Herald Tribune – Father of missing North Port woman Gabby Petito begs for help; FBI asks public for tips

New York Post – Police called to Laundrie home twice the day before Gabby Petito was reported missing

New York Post – Utah cop who responded to Gabby Petito domestic violence call now a detective

Salt Lake Tribune – Moab officer was ‘biased’ against Gabby Petito because of his past, her parents claim in new lawsuit

NPR – Gabby Petito’s family files a wrongful death suit against Moab

BBC – Gabby Petito appears bruised and bloodied in new photo

Insider – The life of Gabby Petito: missing 22-year-old #VanLife influencer documented her journey on Instagram

People – Gabby Petito’s Mother Makes $100,000 Donation to Combat Domestic Violence


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